Welcome to the Home of our Salt Spring Witches

Salt Spring Island in beautiful British Columbia is a magickal place, and so it’s no surprise that Witches would come here to live and work. This blog is our way to celebrate all things Witchy on our wonderful little island.

So who are we?  Well the owners of this particular blog are Angela and Daniel…

But we’d like to think the site is really the home of all things Witchy and Pagan on the Island. To that end we will be publishing articles and entries from guest bloggers as well as ourselves.  We will also be including events, recipes, how-tos, random ramblings, contacts and links, and anything else we think you might be interested in.

So if you have something you think might be of interest or relevant to our little Witch Home, please feel free to contact us using the contact page, or by commenting on the various posts.

So welcome home folks.  Pull up a chair by the fire.  Pour yourself a drink.  Make yourselves at home.

Merry meet!


What is Wicca?

A primer for answering questions from members of other religions; The target audience for the entire article was Conservative Evangelical Christians and I was asked to take an oppositional view. Therefore you will find references to Christianity that may not fit your particular beliefs or properly represent all Christians. If I offend anyone, please accept …

About us

Angela and Daniel are two Witches who have been practicing for many years. Daniel is a Celtic Reconstructionist. Angela is an eclectic Hedge/Kitchen Witch.


If you need to contact us for any reason, whether to suggest new content, inform us of events or issues, or even to complain about something you see here, please use the form below, or email us at celtwytche@gmail.com

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